2022 Endorsements

Neighbor to Neighbor’s Action Fund strives to make a difference in our elections and build a new way. Together, we create the conditions for true community representation in decision-making. Collectively, we are building for the long haul.

When N2N members step into their power and take back our cities (Lynn, Worcester, Holyoke, and Springfield), a bright future is possible:

  • A future where everyone has a place to call home is possible. 
  • A future where the good of the many is valued more than the privilege of the few. 
  • A future where our land and natural resources are revered as elements of life not tradable commodities. 
  • A future where no matter where we come from or what our color is, we can all prosper.

We know that a better world is possible, and we believe that we are the ones to create it.

For more information on our endorsement process, or a request for endorsements please email Ernesto Cruz (he/him) at ernesto@n2nma.org